Charlie Farley's music may be described as alternative country, but his home and inspiration for the music he writes are the backwoods and dirt roads of DeQueen, Arkansas. His music resonates with his fans, as it's lyrically diverse, but always portrays real life. "A song should hit you in one way or another. Party hard, love harder. There isn't a middle ground with my music."

In 2018, Farley released his third studio album titled "Winning With The Losers." It became an instant hit with longtime fans as well as with new fans. Farley's first two singles from the album, "Where I'm From" and "Alcoholiday" both surpassed the million view mark on YouTube in just a few short months. Riding on the success of the album, Charlie and his band set out on a nationwide tour at the end of 2018 and brought his style of country to the masses.

Starting off 2019 with an already full touring schedule, Charlie is successfully capitalizing on the momentum he built in 2018. The "Winning With The Losers" tour from February 9th - March 30th definitely set a sturdy foundation for the rest of the year. The tour brought Farley cross country, spanning from South Carolina to California and back.

Charlie is a fully independent artist that is garnishing over 6 million streams per month across all digital platforms. When it comes to live shows, there isn't a show around that is as energetic or as interactive as his. Between the tour, the streams, the performance, and Charlie's determination and drive to become a once in a lifetime type of artist, 2019 is guaranteed to be one for the record books.



Charlie Farley's 2019 Winning With The Losers Tour

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